Corporate Guys, LLC provides professional estate planning, asset protection, and business incorporation services.  With the lurking danger of sue-happy lawyers and civilians, it is important to safeguard yourself protect your assets against judgments, liens, and any other financial threat that may come your way.

Our asset protection services provide you with experience and quality you can count on

Corporate Guys delivers quality business planning solutions at a low cost. We will work with your budget to determine the best approach to establish and maintain your legacy of assets for generations to come. Ultimately, we don't just hide your assets and money; we protect hem in plain sight and give you peace of mind through corporate law and tax code.

All our team of asset protection experts have been trained and certified to the highest industry standard to protect you from financial litigation

We truly believe that your financial welbeing revolves around quality of estate planning and servicing our customers. To that end we have put together an operation satisfying these parameters though multiple avenues ranging from family trusts, LLC, Nevada Corporations, and LLLP's. In addition to our asset protection services we are a full service business incorporation firm. It is very important to research the asset protection firm who performs your estate planning. Always use qualified asset protection specialists who have extensive training and experience in building an estate plan and working in corporate law.

We provide you with knowledgeable and courteous customer service. Period.

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I do appreciate the fact that your work was very good, and that you finished the work so fast. I thank you for helping us our during such a drastic time for us!"

Joan M , Long Grove, IL

We had been accustomed to paying a huge amount of money on our taxes for our business.  Corporate Guys showed u how we could not only legally save on our taxes through incorporating, but they help protect our assets and our home against a lawsuit we had against us. My husband and I were very relieved to know our home and property was in good hands with Corporate Guys. We were very satisfied with how quickly they got everything setup and how much they knew about the laws pertaining to asset protection. . Thank you so much.

Veronica S , Calabasas, CA

I did not know what to expect when starting a new business. Corporate Guys worked quickly, my questions were answered & were guided through every part of the process, I would not have known what to do otherwise.  All we can say is thank you so much.

Adam M, Lansing, MI


Corporate Guys, Llc