Q. – How do corporations protect me from lawsuits?

A. – Certain State and Federal laws provide indemnification to all officers, directors, and shareholders of a corporation.  Through careful planning and assessment of your situation, we will draft a strategic and fully legal estate plan to safeguard you against any lawsuit that may come your way.

Q. – How can a trust protect my money and assets?

A. – By placing your money and assets inside of the proper kind of trust,  the ownership is taken away from the perils and volatility of personal liability.  Therefore, if you are sued or are held liable for any financial obligation, your assets are protected and outside of your personal ownership.  In short, you control everything, but own nothing!


Q. – How can a corporation lower my taxes?

A. – By simply incorporating your business, you qualify for certain tax deductions and allowances that will lessen your tax liability.  For example, you can save over 15% self-employment tax on 70% of your net income. This can amount to HUGE SAVINGS!

Q. – What is the best state to incorporate a business?

A. – Depending on the nature of your business, each state has specific laws and tax codes. In most cases, your home state is probably the best. The most popular states right now are Nevada, Colorado, Delaware, Wyoming, and North Carolina.  Although most people will flat out only recommend Nevada, there are many other befits that might interest you to incorporate in other states as well.  We will go over all of these to give you the best advice for your business.



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