Here are just a short list of services we provide

We provide Corporate Structuring, S & C Corporations, Limited Liability Companies- LLC, Professional Corporations & LLC, Limited Partnerships LP, LLP, LLLP, Non-Profit Corporations, DBA’s, Series LLC’s, Land Trusts, Real Estate Privacy Trusts, Complete Estate plans.

Transfer and Conveyance of Assets
Corporate Guys will help, assist, or complete the transfer or conveyance of any asset or real property. Including quick claims, deed transfers, re-assignment of notes, loans, lease agreements, Intellectual properties, Inheritance, rental properties, investment properties, homes, land, vehicles, stock, bonds etc…. Own Nothing Control Everything!

Corporate Consulting ( Free service*)
One on one counseling with a trained business consultant who can help you to set up your first or 50th corporation and guide you through the various strategies to minimize your tax burden and control everything but appear to own nothing!

Building Business Credit
Business credit registrations with Dunn & Brad St, Experian business, as well other business credit reporting agencies. Common sense proven methods to building and expanding business credit scores, trade references, increased lines of credit. Over 10 years of business credit experience! No personal guarantees.

Estate Planning
A well crafted estate plan will protect and secure your personal assets, IRA’s, 401K, stocks, bonds, retirement accounts, life insurance policies, saving accounts and insure they go to the heirs they belong to; Your Family. Estate plans will also insure your assets don’t go through probate. It will also provide you with health care directives an artificial life support issues, financial directives, last will and testaments and power of attorney. Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance!!!

Advance Corporate Services
Copyrights, Trademarks, Patents, Mergers, Acquisitions- corporate buyouts, Shareholder agreements, UCC-1 filings, licensing and permits research, business management and operations, marketing and advertising models, business plans and portfolios.